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Awaken Your Creativity: Hearing Yes In The Midst of A Multitude of No’s

March 5, 2012

Awaken Your Creativity by Les Christie (Zondervan, 2009) is written for all of us in ministry or in life who have discovered themselves in a creative rut. This book was originaly a seminar at the GROUP and YS national conventions and retains a conversational posture through out. Les opens the door to the integration of research and a wide spectrum of approaches to the creative process into the field of youth ministry. The two dangers of a book like this would be that it become too weighted down in exercises, research conclussions, and exploration of the liturature on the subject on one hand or simply a compilation of other peoples creative ideas and practical implimentations to adapt. Les always seeks and achieves the middle ground, like the gifted communicator and teacher that he is. I found the book hard to put down all the way through to the story of Vincent Van Gogh in the books conclusion (p.127-129) which is as powerful an argument for the inclussion of the arts in ministry as I have ever heard. The books last 26 pages titled “Bonus Section” is a handy compolation of some very creative ideas specifilcy geared to youth ministry implimentation. I am going to work this book into YTM 304 Youth Program Administration this semester in the form of some case studies and will make it a required text next time the class is taught. Get this book, read and impliment it’s ideas on brain storming at your next meeting (p. 114-126) You have nothing to lose but your rut!

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