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To Own A Dragon: Reflections on Growing Up Without A Father by Donald Miller

March 29, 2012

When this book first came out it captured my attention because of Donald Miller but was placed on a back-burner because  the topic/target audience does not include me. I have a great father who has encouraged and guided my all my life so other books more immediately germane to my life crowded to the fore of my attention. Earlier this month I was looking over some research that indicated that 1 out of every 3 young men grow up in this country wit out a father in the home. Given that number a significant percentage of my students at the university fall in to that demographic so I made reading this book a  priority and was not disappointed. Donald Miller has always been an outstanding communicator and this book is no exception but perhaps the personal nature of the topic and his interactive writing with John Macmurray make for an especially powerful narrative. Don Miller shares a lot of what it was like to grow up with out a father in the home and the unique relationship with the The Macmurray family that developed to fill the void in his life. The stories are real, honest and at times painful but the hope and healing are equally real as well. A couple of chapter especially are powerful. Chapter two contains the elephant illustration, which if you have never heard it you need to get a copy for your files. Chapter 8 titled Making Decisions: How to Stay Out of Jail contains an extended discussion about how learning how to  play chess teaches one how to live life. Over all this book is an important contribution to this discussion if it matches your situation or if you want to be a part of the solution for yourself or others or both. I am going to stock up on a supply of these books and help place them in the hands of friends and students-these are issues that must be faced if the church is to flourish in the future.

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