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101 Ways To Reach Your Community

June 5, 2012

101 Ways To Reach Your Community by Steve Sjogren (Navpress, 2001). You may be familure with Steve’s earlier works CONSPIRACY OF KINDNESS and SERVANT WAREFARE and his role as the leading proponent of “servant evangelism”. This short 112 page book ($6.95) serves the role of a “cookbook” of servant evangelism projects. The book begins by setting the context of these ideas with a chapter titled The Nuts and Bolts.It includes a copy of the Modified Engles Scale of Evangelism Readiness as well as great practical information in a question and answer format. These include how to do debrief?, How do we pay for the projects? and a host of others. The activities are divided into three sections that form a progression of intensity and challenge: Blitzing>Connecting>Investing. Each activity consists of a description, ideal numbers of needed participants, possible locations and a supply list. The book concludes with a series of “scripts” and key words to use when answering questions and marketing. It also has a section titled 10 Best Projects To Get You Started (p.108-110) which allows for immediate implementation of a “do-able project”. This book could not be easier to use or more effective at making you successful in serving the needs of your community, showing them Christ’s love in tangible ways. Like a cook book it is just up to you to choose a dish and begin cooking! Highly Recommended

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