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Sins We Love

June 19, 2012

Every year in my spiritual formations in youth ministry class (YTM 202) I use an article written by Randy Rowland published in Leadership Journal. It explains the 7 deadly sins and 7 cardinal virtues from the perspective of ministry. It is a great article, and it is easy to see why having now read the book from which the article was gleaned titled, THE SINS WE LOVE (Randy Rowland, Doubleday, 2000). In the book Randy a popular pastor in down town Seattle contrasts Aristotle’s Virtues, Paul’s fruits of the Spirit and the seven deadly sins as articulated be Pope Gregory the Great in 590. Each chapter ccontains quotations, examples from history and personal life and are conversational and pastoral without ever becoming overly preachy¬†or moralistic. Over all the book is insightful and has the potential to be a great resources for teaching or preaching on the subject of sin. It also is good for the development of one’s own soul and character!

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