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Raising Wise Children

June 24, 2012

Raising Wise Children by Mark Matlock (Zondervan, 2012) is not just another book on parenting. It of course contains discussions on the water shed Biblical passages and answers the basic questions like, “what is wisdom?” but the book does all of these things from a ground breaking perspective. On page 30 Mark discusses the neurobiological work of Elkhorn Goldberg on wisdom and pattern recognition. This research has amazing implications as well as application to Spiritual Formation. Howard Gardner the cognitive psychologist from Harvard, who needs to carry more weight in the youth ministry world presents the foundational categories for the chapter titled Mediating Wisdom (p.56). Lest it seem the book is just too theoretical to be helpful Mark includes assessment tools (p.66) as well as strategies like the seven marks of wisdom balance wheel (p.79). The best chapter of them all may well be Welcome Wise Influencers where Mark uses Joseph Campbell’s research on “mythic journeys” to help explain about parental recruitment of additional people to speak wisdom into their children’s lives as mentors. Overall for all of its solid academic content Mark never looses a conversational tone that leads to easy readability for parents of all intellectual  and educational levels. This is a book to not only read your self but pick up a few extra copies to give to those parents who seek out your advise and help in parenting to these issues. Highly recommended!

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