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The Journey Home: Finishing With Joy

July 7, 2012

The Journey Home: Finishing With Joy by Bill Bright (Nelson, 2003) is as heart touching  a book as I have read in a long time. The book follows the courageous story of Bill Bright President and founder of Campus Crusade For Christ from the point in his life when he knew he had been given 6 months to live to the final epilogue written by his wife Vonette describing Bills final moments. The book is written in response to the question, Bill, do you have any last words to share before God calls you home. The answer was yes and we in the Christian community who take the time to read the book  are the richer for it. The book is conversational through out, part biographical, part devotional always inspirational. It covers such practical chapters as “pain and grace all about making sense of suffering and pain to “final instructions” making sure your family is taken care of and personal obligations fullfilled so the focus can change to living the final days well. There was much written in previous eras of the Churches history on dying well but unfortunately very little of late. This book with the focus on joy and heaven fills a mighty contemporary gap. I have always been fascinated with the ideal of “dying well as a Christian” with the process of dying being as much a testimony as the years of life I have lived. I feel like Bill Bright has left me a model to follow. I may loan this book out to others who want to read it but I want my copy back it may very well be by my bed side in a few years for further instruction, guidance and encouragement when my focus becomes even more toward the finish line of a life well lived for the sake of Jesus Christ.

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