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Mr. Moody and the Evangelical Tradition

July 30, 2012

In late September 1999 an international conference titled, Love them In: A Centennial Celebration of the life and legacy of Dwight L. Moody 1899-1999 was held on the campus of Samford University. The world class group of scholars gathered to reflect on Moody and his ministry and these addresses have been collected and edited and now published by T & T Clark International under the title of Mr Moody and the Evangelical Tradition. The work is edited by Timothy George and includes essays by such well known scholars as Stanley Gundry, Lyle Dorsett, Don Sweeting, Warren Wiersbe and also includes A Personal Tribute by Moody contemporary Henry Drummond. The index, notes and suggested readings round out a great resourse on Moody. Topics include myths and realities of Moody, The great turning point of Moody’s life, Moody and revivalism which seeks to answer some of Iain H Murray critiques. A fascinating chapter on Moody and Church music particurly  Moody’s relationship with Ira Sankey rounds out the collection. The book has certainly helped me understand Moody and his times better but has also strengthened my understanding about the role Moody’s influence continues to play in 21st century evangelicalism. This book is must reading to those who have been impacted by Moody’s lasting institutions like the Bible Institute in Chicago and his publication legacy Moody Press. The reading is serious but wonderfully edifying-well worth the time and effort!  

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