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Youth Ministry Nuts & Bolts

August 16, 2012

I am often asked, “If you could give only one youth ministry book to a new youth worker what book would it be?” It is a difficult question because of the large number of really good resources that deal with absolutely critical issues like discipleship, spiritual development, how to speak to students, understanding youth culture, evangelism, counseling and more. As important as all these subjects are and they are important without the ability to handle the mechanisms of handling the organizational and personal issues of ministry the impact of the topics is temporary and fleeting at best for solid administration is a key to longevity. The new answer to the above question is YOUTH MINISTRY NUTS & BOLTS Revised and Updated By Duffy Robbins (Zondervan, 2010). In this revision of a classic work Duffy discusses such critically important topics as budgets, conflict, managing volunteers, longevity, ministry evaluation, decision making, dealing with parents and families and much more. These are handled with interaction with timeless classics in the field as well as engagement with current research and best practices. Duffy draws from his years of experience as a practitioner and educator to winsomely confronts deep ministry concepts with humor and practicality. The two appendices on hiring a youth worker and how to prepare for getting a youth ministry job could be reprinted as a separate book. This book is so valuable I am delivering a copy to my local church to help in their youth pastor search and an placing it in the syllabus of YTM 201 Foundations of Youth Ministry at CCU. I read this book after 30 years of youth ministry experience you will benefit from reading the book as well. Really this book is that good!!


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