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Fearfully and Wonderfuly Weird

August 30, 2012

For those of us of a certain age who grew up in the church THE WITTENBURG DOOR (later just the Door) was mandatory reading. It provided satire to make us laugh, interviews to make us think and articles which caused us to reflect and ask the hard questions of our theology. Those of us who were impacted during the hay day of the magazines publication 1969-1990 grew up under the tutelage of writers Mike Yaconelli, Tony Campolo Doug Peterson Will Willimon, Wayne Rice and Tim Stafford and a host of others.Old issue of the magazine are growing harder to find but thankfully some of the best of the DOOR was preserved for future generations in book form including FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY WEIRD: A Screwball look at the Church and other things from the pages of the Wittenburg Door compiled by Doug Peterson and Dr. H. Winfield Tutte, PhD. ThD, M&M (Zondervan 1990). All of the great articles, cartoons, and features including “Church is Stranger Than Fiction” are here and as fresh, relevant and funny as the day they were first published. If you grew up with the Door buy this book and relive the joy of a bygone day when we had youth, energy and hair 🙂 For those too young to have been a part of the original magazine read this book and see clearly what all the fuss is about including the now famous :The Song of Solomon Illustrated For Our Literalist Friends.This is indeed the Best of the Door! Thanks to all those who made the magazine the legend that it is. May it live on for generations to come.

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