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How To Treat A Staff Infection: Resolving Problems in your Church or Ministry Team

September 4, 2012

How To Treat A Staff Infection by Dr. Craig Williford and Dr. Carolyn Williford (Baker Books, 2006) is a very useful series of chapters on treating common situations and problems on church and ministry staff teams. Problems covered include decision making issues, Lateness, inertia, gossip as prayer requests, even volunteers. Each chapter uses “medical” language to create a common outline like “symptoms”, “major signs of illness, “diagnosis, and “treatment”. The motif is carried through out the book but was not distracting. Drs. Craig and Carolyn Williford have enough ministry background to provide interesting stories and personal illustrations that help keep the book moving. Additional chapters at the end of the book prevention of common problems and developing a positive and encouraging culture (bedside manner) are very useful. Not everyone leads a staff team during all stages of ministry life and it is certainly not an automatic aspiration but for those of us training others to lead ministry teams and Church staffs this is a helpful resourse.

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