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Making Sense of the Trinity

October 6, 2012

The 96 page Making Sense of the Trinity by Millard J. Erickson (Baker, 2005) is part of the 3 critical questions series( edited by Grant Osburn) which are the printed form of the 3 critical questions seminars sponsored by Bridge Ministries. The 3 question format allows a very broad topic to be focused on the essential issues with no attempt to be exhaustive. This volume asks Is the doctrine of the Trinity Biblical? Does the doctrine of the Trinity make sense? Does the doctrine of the Trinity make any difference? The biblical examination includes an excellent explanation of the “plurality of majesty” in the Hebrew language so a young student need not get caught up in false “proofs” of the Trinity in the Old Testament as Genesis 1:26, As Erickson points out there are enough O.T passages that intimate the concept of the Trinity with out depending on the disputed ones. In the chapter Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Make Sense? Erickson offers useful analogies about the relationship between the members of the Trinity and how they interact. This book is well documented with almost an end note every other page. The Scriptural and subject indexes are equally useful. The doctrine of the Trinity is such a key aspect of historic Christian orthodoxy that it would do for all who care about such things refresh our own perspectives on the issue and have usable recourses to distribute to those we encounter who may be fuzzy on the subject. This is just such a useful book!

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