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The Difference Maker

November 9, 2012

The Difference Maker by John Maxwell (Nelson business, 2006) is sub-titled Making your attitude your greatest asset. This is not the first book by Maxwell on attitude but it is by far his best and most mature. In addition to all the things you would expect from a Maxwell work, great stories, clear outlined chapters, personal application questions and self assessment inventories. The key addition that makes all the difference is Chapter two titled, What your attitude CANNOT do for you. In it John corrects some of his earlier over statements and overly optimistic perspectives on the power of attitude. This dose of reality makes the book feel much more truthful and less idealistic than some of the earlier books on the topic, “A certain sign that we have grown intellectually is that over time our thoughts change”(p. 18) I couldn’t agree more and was encouraged to hear John say so!

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