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Thanks For A Life Well Lived “Prof”!!

February 24, 2013

This week Dr. Howard Hendricks long time professor at Dallas Theological seminary, Promise Keepers speaker, author and teacher passed on to eternal glory making the world of Christian Education just a little bit less joy filled and impactful. Dr. Hendricks or “Prof” to his over 10,000 “official” students and many of us who never actually had the privilege of taking an actual class was a giant impacting not only Christian Education but youth ministry, theological higher education, Christian Camping, Preaching and so much more. His work TEACHING TO CHANGE LIVES and THE 7 LAWS OF THE TEACHER, HEAVEN HELP THE HOME, LIVING BY THE BOOK, ELIJAH and countless others have been life changing for me and my ministry over the course of my life. It is fascinating to listen to the stories of those who knew him because his passion, character and Christian faith were as readily evident as his genius and gift of teaching. My commitment is to continue to hunt down resources so that my Colorado Christian University students can read, listen to and watch Dr. Hendricks model greatness in teaching for all of my remaining years of classroom work. His work must never be forgotten. My tribute this week will be to reread Teaching To Change Lives and try to apply it for my students benefit in my classes. Anyone want to join me? Thanks Dr. Hendricks for a life very well lived.

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