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Preaching That Connects

February 28, 2013

Every year it seems a new multitude of preaching books appear on the market. It is only rarely that a book rises above the others because of its fresh perspective and helpful content. This is indeed the case in PREACHING THAT CONNECTS by Mark Galli and Craig Brian Larson (Zondervan, 2004). The subtitle is Using Journalistic Techniques To Add Impact, this focus on exploring preaching through the lens of a different communication medium provides specific insights not only for preachers but anyone who communicates. Chapters include, Introductions that get listeners, when you can’t find an illustration, how to tell a good story, and finishing strong. Each chapter is clearly layed out with bullet points of specific content and illustrated by a specific text of a sermon by one of over 125 different legends of preaching ranging from Augustine to Will Willimon. The illustrations are clear demonstrations and specific examples of the communication suggestion. At only 146 pages the book can be read quickly but it contains enough good ideas on how to deliver an effective message that can be applied over a communication lifetime. 

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