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The Worship Answer Book

April 3, 2013

THE WORSHIP ANSWER BOOK by Rick Muchow (Thomas Nelson, 2006) is a small book that provides more scope and depth than would be supposed at first glance. Rick Muchow, the Worship Pastor at Saddleback Community Church seeks to answer common questions and areas of confusion in the field of worship. The book answers 54 questions divided into 7 sections; The Basics of Worship, Worship in the Bible, Personal Worship, Music….and More, Group Worship, Leading & Managing Worship and Change & Conflict in Worship. Although each question takes up only a couple of pages of response the insight offered is surprisingly Biblical and Theologically deep. It is interesting¬†to note the diversity of recommendations from Dan Kimball (The Emerging Church) and Erwin McManus to Bishop Joseph L. Garlington Sr. and Doug Fields. Also of interest is the breadth of recommended additional resources, from A.W Tozer to Charles Ryrie, Dan Kimball to Norm Geisler, Jack Hayford to Wayne Grudem (Wow!) The book would be great for leading devotions for a worship team as well as personal study and reflection. There is lots of Scripture, poetry, art and quotes that make the book beautiful as well as useful. The Book also included The Worship Answer CD consisting of 10 worship song tracts written and performed by Muchow which serve as illustrations of principles from the book. Overall this book/cd delivered much more that I anticipated so I very heartily recommend the book/cd to anyone who wished to be reminded or learn for the first time the glory and passion of participating in worship to the triune God of the Scriptures.


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