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Passages: A Biblical Manuscript Experience

May 19, 2013

If you find yourself within a couple of hundred miles of Colorado Springs CO this summer and fall make your plans to visit PASSAGES: An Experience of Biblical Proportions. This collection of artifacts belongs to the Green family of Hobby Lobby fame but this is no random sterile selection of books to be quickly strolled through. The format is intentionally interactive and it is equally designed for Children and Biblical Scholars. The experience begins with the history and texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Actual fragments are augmented by facsimiles to paint a complete picture of the importance of the late 1940’s discovery. The journey continues to include P37 a fragment of the gospel of John seven that can actually be read which dates to about 100 years after the original autograph. Other hand written manuscripts are prominently featured as is the Guttenberg Bible, European Reformation, English Reformation, The King James Bible and illustrated texts. Each individual themed area has a children’s portion hosted by “Louie the Lion” and an interactive experience for all ages. There are nonBiblical treasures as well including a letter from Martin Luther written less than a year after he nailed the 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg church and includes some similar themes. Space does not allow me to detail the Old Testament synagogue scrolls, The Bible that went to the surface of the moon and the Battle Hymm of The Republic room but they are all there. All exhibits have written descriptions but many also have MP3 presentations that can be listened too if you are interested. The price is amazingly reasonable for the value and the hours are extensive. I spent just over 3 hours exploring and I can’t wait to go back. All details and directions are available at as is a list of complimentary lectures from “A” list Biblical scholars offered through out the run of Passsages. This is a must see!! It will increase your Biblical scholarship and your faithful commitment to God’s Word, truly a double win!!

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