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Practical Training Helps for Interns

June 10, 2013

Summer is almost here and that means the “intership” time of the year. Lets be honest the energy, creativity and youth that these new staff bring to the table is tempored by at times amazing gaps in basic life and ministry managment skills. These of couse are learned as one progresses through adulthood but if you need to streamline the process to survive the summer let me recomend a series I have just discovered called the Crisp Fifty-Minute book series. There are over 200 books in the series I have only read and used two Mentoring and Personal Time Managment.Each volume runs between 80 and 110 pages and was useful as a review on familure subjects or life changing information for those struggleing in these areas. The books are layed out with interesting graphics,assessments, worksheets, examples, “how to” sections as well as teaching and case study segments so progressing through the books doesn’t drag. Having sought tools for filling the gap in inters lifeskill package finding this series has been a welcome addition to my “tool box”

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