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GO TEAM: 101 Ideas To Energize Youth Ministry Volunteers

June 14, 2013

You DO NOT need to consider reading this book if……..

1) You have more time to think creativly than you can use

2) Your youth ministry staff is as large, energized, trained and affirmed as it needs to be or

3)  You alrady have a list of a 101 creative volunteer ideas you are systamaticly working through

If these 3 situations are not the ministry life you are living you will be stimulated and your volunteer youth ministry team will be blessed by your reading of Go Team: 101 Ideas to Energize Youth Ministry Volunteer Teams by Kurt Johnston and Katie Edwards (Group, 2004) This short book (less than 95 pages) is exacltly what the title implies a list of creative ideas for encouraging your volunteers. Some of the ideas are very basic some very creative and advanced but all will potentialy spure your own creativity and application to the individules and specific needs of your ministry. Side bars, examples and graphics go just that much further in making the book valuable. Get and read this book-your volunteers will rise up and call you blessed becasue of it or at least continue to show up to events!!


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