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C.S. Lewis Favorites: Even Better Than I Remembered

July 7, 2013

Every summer I look forward to the first bite of buttery corn on the cob, I look forward to that bite all winter but every year even with all of my expectation it is even better than I remember. I had the same experience reading two C.S. Lewis classics recently, The Great Divorce (Harper Collins, 2000) and The Abolition of Man (Harper Collins, 2001). I have read these books before many times and I would even say they were significant in my cognitive formation at several stages of my life but as good as I remembered them being they were greater than my memories. The Great Divorce is of course a dream about visitors from “hell” on a trip to heaven to see it and check on the compatibility of a permenant move. C.S. Lewis employs the literary figure of George McDonald as tour guide and pervaier of quotable insights on eternity, giving insight when appropriate and warning off misconceptions and urging caution when the finite can not comprehend the infinite. The Abolition of man is Lewis’s philosophy of pedagogy/education and is based on his reflection on school textbooks written for children. It is only 100 pages in length but generates more serious reflection and prophetic insights into our current cultural  discussions on universal virtues and truth than any other volume I have come across. Both fall into the category of classics and both are even better than you remember. So pick up a Lewis classic and taste again as if for the very first time this summer…they are even better than you remember!!

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