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Insights on C.S. Lewis

July 23, 2013

Over the course of my adult life I have been privilidged to read all of C.S. Lewis’ work and a vast quanity of books about his life, letters, friends and family. I am therefor slightly hesitant when a new book comes into my hands preporting to show new insights into Lewis and his relationships. I was absolutly amazed at the small volume C.S. Lewis, My Godfather by Laurence Harwood (IVP, 2007). The small square shape reminded me instantly of a “gift book” but within the first 10 pages out of the 148 page total I was hooked and began to realize the signifigance and impact of the book on Lewis scholarship and understanding. The author Laurence Harwood was a godson of Lewis because of a long standing relationship with his father and mother beginning at Oxford. Laurence had not only his own letters from “Jack” but his fathers and mothers as well. These letters include poems, debates, advice and literary discussion placed in the exact context of thier original writing. I found all the letters insightful and interesting but of special note is the section encompasing pages 58-70. There the topic turns to Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner. This section is so important because the Harwoods and Owen Barfield were devoted followers of this perspective and althought Lewis was not and argued powerfully against it he did so while maintaining a sense of humility that maintained the relationships within the midst of disagreement. This skill is one all Christians myself certainly included could do better. This is a great book and needs to be in your library if you love Lewis. It is in the words of Walter Hooper, A primary sourse of information about C.S. Lewis…We may never see anything of its importance again”. I agree!


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