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John C. Maxwell: Your Road Map For Success

September 22, 2013

In the 2002 work Your Road Map For Success: You CAN Get There from Here(Thomas Nelson) author John C. Maxwell presents a 10 chapter inspirational plan qomplete with included workbook pages to help someone create a personal success plan. As is true of every John Maxwelll book it is filled wih stories both personal and of others to illustrate the ain points of instruction and inspiration. It will be interesting to see how long the John Wooden stories which I love and appreciate so much will continue to connect with audiences who never watched him coach at UCLA. Included with the book was an assesment tool to access through the internet to help establish and jump start the books growth processes. For those who have read John’s books before some of the stories and personal references to coworkers will be familure. This leads some to critisize the repitition from book to book but there was enough new material to justify the purchase and read. On page 64 John tells a story 3 friends talking about how they define success. It is such a wonderful humerious story I used it when I recently  was called upon to speak to more than 600 people at a university gathering- this story alone was worth reading the book for me. Also of special value is a quote from p. 196 on the topic of creativity and shaping ideas, “Great ideas are nothing more than the restructuring of what you already know”. I am still ulling that concepts weeks after first reading it. As always I continue to recomend all leaders read or review a John Maxwell book 3 times a year just to be reminded what it is you already know. This is my practice and sometimes I even get new material to use immediatly. 

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