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Making Sense of the New Testament

October 26, 2013

I am not sure what excites me more, the actual content of this wonderful book or now tackling the series of which it is a part. Making Sense of the New Testament  by Craig Blomberg (Baker Accademic, 2004) is a part of the Three Crucial Questions series, if it is reprosenative of the other books in the series I can’t wait to read them all. As might be guessed a book focused on three questions is not going to be overly large and cumbersom and this book lives up to its billing at a mear 147 pages. But each page is powerful and signifigant reading. The three questions include 1) Is the New Testament Historically Reliable? 2) Was Paul the True Founder of Christianity? and 3) How is the Christian ti Apply the New Testament to Life? Also icluded are extensive notes and indexes. Each of the sections could be read with great profit by themselves. They are current, specific, and willing to name names and titles as ideas are refuted by logic, research and evidence. The first two chapters fall under the catagory of aploogetics as well as New Testament scholarship and are truly excellent. The best part for me however was chapter 3 on appling the NT to the 21st century. As a professor and preacher this is a daily task that I consistantly see done poorly or ignored all together. Dr. Blomberg divides the diffeerent New Testament genres into esctions and explores each one in more debth that I have ever seen presented before. Of special interest are the 7 special principles of applying Paul’s letters beginning on page 136 where he uses 1 Corinthians 8:1-11:1 to illustate how to “determine where the emphasis in a passage is placed if there seem to be competing principles within it”. An a-b-a pattern is then identified to give a model of descerning the key idea Paul is emphasising. I found my self immediatly serching the notes being convinced of the truth of this idea but wondering why I had never been taught it before. This book is the first in a new catagory of “if you only read on book this year on this subject this is it” If it is a refresher as well as fresh applicational principles then buy and read this book!

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