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Learning To Preach Like Jesus

February 16, 2014

Learning To Preach Like Jesus (Crossway Books,1989) by Ralph L. Lewis and Greg Lewis is  an undiscovered gem in the large collection of books written on preaching in the last 25 years. The books 159 page length including appendix and index lead me to suspect a light and fluffy overview on a variety of preaching themes. Instead the book contains in-depth treatment of not only Jesus preaching in the gospels but an overview of brain research and its impact on homiletic thinking. Some specific examples include Chapter Seven which examines Matthew 5:3-7:27 The Sermon On The Mount and breaks down every phrase examining Ingredients, Structure, Attitudes and Right/Left Brain focus. Chapters 8 and 9 eight continues the analysis focusing on Jesus’ parables while Chapter 10 looks at the inductive nature of preaching through out the rest of the New Testament. Some fascinating analysis and observation about Jesus’s preaching include:

Jesus spoke in parables:

Matthew 43%

Mark 15%

Luke 52%  

Jesus spoke in comparisons and contrasts 142 times in the short Sermon On The Mount

Jesus asked 153 of the 3297 questions asked in the Bible 19 during The Sermon On The Mount

On pages 80-83 Lewis summarizes the keys lessons of Jesus that need to influence our view of preaching. This selection was worth the cost of the book. I must admit that the book is causing me to completely rethink and research my convictions and practices concerning Inductive preaching. This is indeed a book worth reading.

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