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Comfort, Wisdom, Encouragement,Hope,Christ, Humor and More!!!!

March 3, 2015

I just finished reading Notes From The Valleyby Andy McQuitty (2015, Moody Press). I am overwhelmed by the power, insight and pastoral encouragement contained in the 187 pages of the book. Andy writes from the perspective as a tour guide through the Land of cancer drawing equally from his experience as a stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivor, practical theologian, Pastor and Biblical expositor. I have never before read a book on this subject that I would want by my bedside while traveling though a time of physical suffering myself or that I would give to someone I really cared about who needed encouragement and perspective as they traveled through the valley of pain and illness. Andy draws on King David from the Old Testament and James from the New Testament to firmly root the words on the foundation of Scripture. Each chapter contains stories, quotes, personal reflections humorous anecdotes and hope in the presence and work of Christ. Chapter 2 IMMANUEL: God is with you is a special jewel among gems. Andy concludes the chapter, ” That God has searched me and sees me and perceives my thoughts from afar when people and governments and banks and even next door neighbors aren’t really aware of my existence is just too lofty for me to attain. So..I am known by the One who, in His knowing of me, brings peace and comfort and hope here in the valley, He knows my name and He is glad I came.”(p.53)
I am keeping a copy of the book close at hand for when I need it (not if). I am also purchasing a few copies to have on hand in my office and home to be available when people share with me news of their grief at a painful diagnosis for themselves or a family member. I had high hopes for the work when I bought it because I had the privilege of coming to Christ at First Presbyterian Church in Tacoma Wa and being disciples in my faith and ministry by Andy when he was the youth director there, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue the discipleship journey through these printed pages. Read this book you will not disappointed!

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