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Ten Great Preachers

May 22, 2015

Books of sermons are needless to say not a staple part of most peoples literary diet. Some of course are read for spiritual edification, others for inspiration on how to communicate a text of Scripture. Rarely a book appears that is edifying to the soul, inspiring to the how the Biblical text is explored and informative on the process and mindset of the preacher communicating the material. TEN GREAT PREACHERS edited by Bill Turpie (Baker,2000) is such a book. It contains 10 wonderful sermons from a very diverse line up of great preachers who communicate Gods word with power but from a variety of Christian traditions. Some of the sermons are already legendary like Tony Campolo’s It’s Friday But Sunday’s Coming, or Billy Graham’s Who Is Jesus? Others like Thomas Long’s Christs’ Uncomfortable Words of Comfort((Mark 4:10-12) or Barbara Brown Taylor’s God’s Palpable Paradox are less familiar. What sets the book truly apart is not just the sermons but the followup interview conducted where the preachers is asked to “unpack” the rational and strategies for why portions of the sermon were prepared or delivered as they were. This question and answer interview results have been extremely though provoking as I am in the process of regularly preparing sermons for Sunday. This is not a book that provides sermons to preach oneself but in the words of C.H. Spurgeon, “I milk from many cows but I make my own cheese”. These sermons will bless your own spiritual life, give you “milk for making your own cheese” and even teach you significant insights from preachers God has used and is using to provide context and encouragement to your preaching. Get a copy and read this book!

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