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Letter To A Young Life Leader

June 8, 2015

More than 60 years after coming to Christ under the ministry of Jim Rayburn Young Life’s third President (1976-1986) Bob Mitchell took up the task of writing a series of letters on the great themes and ideals of the ministry of Youth Life titled LETTERS TO A YOUNG LIFE LEADER by Bob Mitchell (2012, Whitecaps Media Houston TX). The resulting collection of short explanations about how Young Life has historically viewed topics carry both great illustrations taken from the rich history of Young Life and challenges to the upcoming generations of new leaders so that the “the best Young Life work has yet to be done” (Jim Rayburn P. 9) will always be a reality. The first section titled “Roots” provide a context and includes topics like Prayer, The Bible. and Winning the Right to be Heard. These 34 pages are truly the basics upon which the ministry has been built. The presentations are clear and broadly insightful even for those not involved specifically with YL. The Second section is the heart of the book and is titled simply, “WHY?”. Topics include Why Club?, Why Camping, Why humor and a host of others. The three concluding sections include “Values” and “Finally” and the P.S. on Spiritual Formation. These are full of excellent reminders for ministry veterans and true to life instruction for those getting started in ministry. As a 10 year Young Life staff veteran I found the book rang true at every level and a truly enjoyable addition to the growing library of Young Life volumes. It will be a valuable read to any one ministering to young people as well as a challenge to other to preserve ministry organizational memory and foundation principles as ministries transition into new generations of leaders. Thanks Bob for a great and very personal book!

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