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Team Work

June 19, 2015

Few people have sparked more interest in developing ministry teams in the last 25 years than John C. Maxwell. Full volumes like THE 17 INDISPUTABLE LAWS OF TEAMWORK have helped thousands refine their thinking about the importance of building high performance ministry teams. In the volume TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK (A quotation from one of the featured stories) by John C. Maxwell (J. Countryman, 2002) Maxwell combines elements from previously published volumes and combines them into 100 pages with a “gift book feel” that provides a winsome introduction or refresher on the key principles about teams. Each chapter begins with a historical illustration of the chapters theme idea, is loaded with great quotes and practical application points. It is a very quick read so it would work well going through with an intern or small group of young developing leaders who may feel too overwhelmed for a larger volume. It is easy to read, inspiring and right to the point. If nothing else the stories are worth the price of the book, I am using the story of Rick Hoyt on pages 113-116 to begin my Fathers Day sermon this Sunday for example. If you are already a Maxwell fan reread some of the material that has impacted you previously, if not it is a good, short introduction to America’s most popular Church leadership and team development expert.

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