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Great Object Lessons For Youth Ministry

June 27, 2015

Most of us have experienced the reality of what Duffy and Helen describe in the introduction of their coauthored book EVERYDAY OBJECT LESSONS FOR YOUTH GROUPS: 45 Strange & Striking Ways To Get Your Point Across To Teenagers By Helen Musick and Duffy Robbins (Zondervan, 1999) Where adults get more from out object lesson in the children message than in the carefully crafted and dutifully prepared formal sermon. It was Helen herself who taught me the idea that the best teaching method is the one you have not used lately and that of course would include object lessons. Ove the years object lessons have developed an undeserved bad reputation for irrelevance outside the children’s ministry department this book could help change that. The 45 object lesson are well indexed by topic, Scripture and even materials making the book easy to use. Each lesson includes objects needing only basic household items to some more exotic objects that will take real effort but have potentially significant impact. Suggested Scripture references to explain the lesson are included as well as two types of follow up questions focused on creating discussion and life changers for personal or group application. This is a small book (just over 100 pages) that deserves a spot on every youth ministry book shelf. If you haven’t used an object lesson lately don’t leave it on the shelf but open it up and use of the great ideas your students and adults will thank you by remembering the Truth your object lesson taught them. At the end of the day isn’t that what we are about?

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