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For The Least of These

July 6, 2015

For The Least of These edited by Anne Bradley and Art Lindsey (WestBow Press,2014) is a compilation of 15 essays from conservative Scholars from the fields of Biblical Studies,Theology, Economics and Poverty Relief seeking how to best address the Biblical admonishment to love and care for the poor. Highlight essays include Poverty and the Poor in the Old Testamentby Dr Walter Kaiser Jr, Remembering the Poor: A New Testament Perspective on the Problems of Poverty, Riches and Redistribution by my colleague at CCU Dr David Kotter, and Lawrence Reed’s A Poverty Program That WorkedAll of the essays are thoughtful and informative and begin with the basic thesis of truly helping the poor but more than just through the intuitive common practices of relief and giving and on to strategies of economic development and job creation. The book is significant in size running over 350 pages but an excellent glossary, index and the concerted effort of the authors make the book accessible to scholars and lay readers alike. The history of the impact of billions of dollars of aid internationally and domesticity over the years paints a grim story of failure, these authors seek the alleviation of poverty through the new strategies of markets and trade. Theirs is an argument worth considering and implementing as a matter of public policy in the future for our country and our churches.The volume is part of the work of The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics further info about them and their mission can be found at

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