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Short-Term Missions Must Read

August 7, 2015

In 2013 David A. Livermore updated his classic short term missions book originally published in 2006 SERVING WITH EYES WIDE OPEN: Doing Short Term Missions With Cultural Intelligence(Baker, 2013)
You. With many of us just returning from our latest short term missions trip this book some with a slightly sinking feeling that the trip could have gone better but not knowing why or others who feel the trip went well but are not sure what factors made a lasting impact, this book will provide solid answers. The book covers such broad context issues as globalization and its impact on the changing face of the Church as well as specific youth ministry short termed trip issues addressed under the heading of “cultural intelligence”. This book is well written with engaging poignant stories that frequently had me saying “ouch” but never lead me to discouragement.Starting with Chapter #9 each chapter concluded with Strategies To Improve Your CQboth “Anytime and On Your Short Term Trippractical action steps. Also of great value are the tables and diagrams like on pages 137, 111, and 165. These add greatly to clarifying the key ideas explored in the book. I am setting this book aside to use with student leaders before the next missions trip I take as well as recommend it to be required reading for all CCU2THEWORLD student trip leaders in the future. If you only read one book before your next short term trip read and apply this one and revolutionize your short term missions experience for both you and your students.

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