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25 Ways To Win With People

September 16, 2015

In 2005 the book, 25 Ways To Win With People: How To Make Others Feel Like A Million Dollars was penned in a partnership between John C. Maxwell and Les Parrott (Nelson Business, 2005). Before reading the book I had no idea of the close relational ties between John and Les but that relationship turns out to be the axis upon which the books content is presented. This adds a strong “personal” feel to the book but the additional illustrative and research content material helps even things out a bit. The 25 principles include such chapter headings as, The 30 second rule and how to make it work for you, Create a memory and visit it often and The triple-A treatment method. They make for good reminders and follow up of other principles raised in previous John Maxwell books like Winning With People. The key feature of this book is the concluding section of every chapter written by Dr. Parrott which includes application ideas: Forget About, Ask, Do It, and remember. As one would expect there are some great stories and illustrations that are very useful to those who speak. On pages 160-163 a story involving a letter of encouragement written by John Wesley to William Wilberforce was the center piece of my closing point in a CCU Chapel message last week. If that had been the only thing I “got” from the book it would have been well worth the price. Check it out and see both John and Les in a different complimentary light.

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