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A Conversation Between Spiritual Friends

September 21, 2015

Few books make me exclaim, “WOW” as I conclude reading it. The Wisdom of Each Other: A Spiritual Conversation Between Friends by Eugene Peterson (1998, Zondervan)is such a book. It is a part of the Growing Deeper Series featuring Calvin Miller, Walter Wangerin Jr., Lucy Shaw and Philip Yancy. I was so impressed with Eugene’s volume I have ordered the other books in the series already. The book takes the form of a series of letters from Peterson to a composite of personal friends who are addressed as “Gunner” and the issues raised flow from the interaction of actual conversations which add a reality and significance to the words on the pages. The topics covered are extensive and diverse and include religious consumerism, congregational life, kenosis, prayer and spiritual life. Of special interest to was the letter beginning on page 29 which addressed “suspicion about the word spiritual”. Peterson speaks thoughts I have harbored for years but could not give voice to with eloquence and power. I echo the books recommendation of Calvin and The Institutes of The Christian Religion because “that’s why Calvin was so useful-he was a pastor/theologian who prayed” (p.61). So many truly thought provoking quotes to do justice to in this short context but just one from page 77 “if Christian ministry is reduced to the work of pastors and people who ‘help’ them on evenings and weekends there is not much integrity in praying THY KINGDOM COME is there?” The book is satisfying food for the souls.Read it discuss it, reread it and share it!

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