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Rediscovering The Original Hymnbook of God’s People

October 3, 2015

For thousands of years the book of Psalms have been the central worship resource for the people of God first in the Old Testament and extending through the New Testament and into the present. Sadly many people in the Church have limited their interaction with the Psalms to a few favorites like Psalm 23 or tiny snippets and phrases in contemporary worship music. Thankfully one of the churches foremost thinkers and theologians N.T. Wright has written an easily accessible argument and plan for reconnecting at a deep level with the vital spiritual treasure that is the Psalms. The book titled, THE CASE FOR THE PSALMS: Why They Are Essential (N.T. Wright, 2013, Harper Collins) is equal parts analysis of the issue, personal experience, illustrations and application points. The 196 pages were developed out of a gathering of pastors on the campus of Calvin college in 2012 and retains a pastoral feel throughout. Utilizing significant quotations so the beauty and power Psalms can speak for itself Wright weaves a compelling argument for greater utilization of the Psalms in both private and corporate worship in the 21st century.The book explores not only the allusions to the Psalms in the New Testament but focuses on the Psalms in the Gospels to demonstrate the place they had in the life and thinking of Jesus. After reading the book and utilizing it for a chapel message earlier in the semester at CCU I am applying several points to my life and ministry, I am committed to utilizing the Psalms as a preparation for participating in and leading worship I am also committed to focusing on the use of the Psalms in the public services of worship I plan and lead. Wright summed up a key portion of his argument,”the regular praying and singing of the Psalms is transformative. It changes the way we understand some of the deepest elements of who we are or rather who, where, when and what we are…it is my suggestion that the Psalms will gently but firmly transform our understanding of all of them. They do this in order that we might be changed,transformed so that we look at the world, one another and ourselves in radically different ways which we believe to be Gods ways”. (p.6-7)
Read and apply this book and lets let God use it in our lives to reconnect the Psalms to the everyday lives of His Church.

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