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The Disney Way

November 29, 2015

In 1998 the hardback version of THE DISNEY WAY was published by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson (McGraw Hill, 1998). It became  Fortune Magazines best business book of the year in 1999 and quickly moved to paperback. In this fascinating work the authors cull from the history of Disney and its products to teach and instruct management and leadership techniques to be used contextually in other organizations.

The portions dealing with Disney are captivating and filled with quotes, stories and examples from both the early days of Walt and Roy Disney’s dreams and struggles to Michael Eisner’s era and early successes. Eisner’s portions are interesting to view in hindsight of his later experiences and impact in his relationship with Disney. In addition to the main body of the book each chapter concludes with a 1993 case study featuring the Whirlpool Company and international refrigerator development. I found these sections not helpful as I applied the concepts to Church leadership and ministry.

Some of the concepts presented were as simple as embracing the Disney Spirit of Dream, Believe, Dare and Do. Other examples of commitment to details as seen in The Pirates of The Caribbean ride (p. 10) or Pleasure Island (p. 52) are a bit more complex to integrate. If you grew up as I did as a fan of Disney movies, characters and theme parks this book is fascinating especially if you are looking for a vision for empowering employees in any organizational context including ministry.

Many hands and hearts and minds generally contribute to anyone’s notable achievements” (p.79)               Walt Disney


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