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An Advent Journey of Hope

December 22, 2015

Advent carries with it the idea of preparation, journey and arrival. For many of us the Advent season as preparation for the arrival of Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s incarnation is a key opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath, and make sure we haven’t lost the wonder of the historical and spiritual events of Bethlehem in the hustle and bustle of life and ministry.

To help keep me focused over the years I have utilized a host  of excellent Advent devotionals but this year have hit on a new favorite and one I believe will be a classic in years to come. WAITING HERE FOR YOU: An Advent Journey Of Hope by Louie Giglio (2014, Passion Publishing) is a small, short easy to use tool for staying focused on Jesus and the themes of Advent. It begins with a powerful story of dying, hope and Christmas which leaves the reader hanging as the daily reading begin.  Each day includes a Scriptural meditation, a devotional reflection, a prayer and either a poem or words to a carol. These poems and verse are not just the favorites that everyone knows but will expose you to ancient and lesser known works of genius.

The daily devotional exercises only take a few moments but feel complete and left me feeling satisfied as I went on to reflect on the themes throughout the day. The book concludes with the conclusion of the opening story of death, hope, family and new life which left a tear in my eye and stronger appreciation of Christmas.

This is a wonderful resource, make plans now to spend next Advent with it as a guide to keeping Christ central throughout the holidays.

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