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Understanding Christ’s Model Prayer

December 31, 2015

I preparing for a preaching series in early 2016 I came across a small book from a former professor of mine titled, PRAYING THE LORD’S PRAYER By J.I. Packer (Crossway, 2007). It is safe to say although I have taught and preached on the Lord’s Prayer in the past I don’t think I have ever understood the phrases or the totality of the prayer as a unit like I do now having read the book. Each of the short chapters is a phrase from the prayer based on the premise, “Three venerable formulae together add up to Christianity: the Apostles’Creed, The Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer, summarizing respectively the Christian way of believing, behaving and communing with God.” (p. 11) The chapters tie the phrases together theologically and applicationaly featuring great quotations from church history and historic documents. The chapters include texts and themes for further study as well as reflection and discussion questions making the book ideal for small groups. Dr. Packer does a great job of unpacking the meaning of familiar phrases like “hallowed be thy name” that we regularly use but may not understand the rich tapestry of the full depth of meaning and  full significance. This book will serve a a guide book as we explore the Lord’s Prayer in 2016 with the Fellowship At Morrison Chapel with greater depth and understanding. It is worth noting that this book is a small portion of the 1994 book by J.I. Packer titled I WANT TO BE A CHRISTIAN. I am on the look out because if it is as good as this portion it would be a paper bound treasure worth having.

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