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Everyone Needs One Of These On Their Shelf

January 6, 2016

Every one who does youth ministry on even an occasional basis needs a book of fast, easy to use ideas to spark creativity and help out programming in a pinch. Over the years Group Magazine has published hundreds and hundreds of great ideas submitted by youth workers in the trenches and has collected them in one easy to use volume. BEST OF TRY THIS ONE: The Most Popular Ideas from #1 Youth Ministry Resource (Group Publishing, 2006). In this compact 120 page format 200 ideas are presented under the following topics Bible Studies, Crowd Breakers, Discussion Starters, Fund-Raisers, Games, Group Builders, Helpful Hints and Outreach. A fantastic feature of this book that sets it apart and increases its value is an index that specially lists out ideas under each category that are Low Prep and No Prep. A Scripture index for all the ides that reference them is helpful as well. Steve Case, one of my favorite youth workers from Florida has several great ideas spread through out the book. It would have been fun to have a separate listing of contributes by name and  state but each idea was clearly identified underneath the entry.

Group Magazine still collects great ideas for inclusion in the TRY THIS ONE column. So if you have a great idea that really worked for you follow the instructions provided by Tom Schultz in the forward of the book, “We are always looking for fresh and effective ministry ideas, so send us your Try This One” Idea. If we use your idea, we’ll pay you $50.00. Just send your idea, daytime phone #, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Groups Try This One, PO Box 481, Loveland, Colorado 80538-0481. or e-mail” Who knows you might have one of your ideas published for use by a semi-desperate youth worker in need of a creative shot in the arm in the future! 🙂

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