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A Spiritual Memoir

February 5, 2016

I have regularly found great inspiration and life lessons from reading the lives of great men and women who have walked with God and served their generations. So it was with great excitement that I picked up MY GOD AND I: A Spiritual Memoir by Lewis Smedes. It was published in 2003 (Eerdmans) just after Dr. Smedes untimely death following a fall in December of 2002. The 178 pages are divided into 27 chapters the majority titled, God and I in_____. The testimony presented is tied together with serious reflection about how God led and taught on a variety of stages, locations and people. His discussions of lessons learned at Moody Bible Institute, Calvin College, Oxford and Fuller Seminary were fascinating to me as someone who was influenced greatly by the schools I attended as well. The contributions of the various denominational influences in Lewis’s life were entertaining as well as informative. I have always appreciated the special ability of Smeade’s to be a wordsmith in his written work this is raised to a higher level in his autobiography. Also special were the contributions of former students, family and editors involved in the project. Anyone who has been impacted by the ministry of Dr. Smedes or his writing will find this book well worth exploring and its lessons well worth learning.

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