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A Great Resource For Pre-Marital Counseling

March 20, 2016

I am always on the look out for great resources to help soon to be married couples understand and develop strategies to make their new relationship successful. Foremost among trusted names in this are for years have been Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott from Seattle Pacific University. In the most recent book I have read by them they move away from a strict pre-marriage focus to speak to married or soon to be married alike. In MAKING HAPPY: The Art And Science Of A Happy Marriage (Worthy Publishing, 2014) the Parrott’s take the faulty assumption that marriage is suppose to make you happy and turn it around presenting the case that it is each partners responsibility to make their marriage happy and clearly lay out the research and strategies that can make it really happen. The book makes astonishing claims like” instantly make your relationship 25% happier” and “a 3 week happiness plan” but it actually backs up the claims by utilizing chapter assessment exercises as well as reflection questions for individual and couple use. As I expected the book is full of great quotes, powerful stories and the previously mentioned fully documented research on all aspects of happiness and happiness in marriage. My son is getting married this summer so my wife and I read this book aloud together this spring. It was been interesting, thought provoking, and a great help for him preparing for marriage and for my wife and I who are at year 31 and counting. Special attention is payed to those doing marriage mentoring. This is a book worth reading and having additional copies on hand to give away. It served us well!

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