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Applied Leadership Principles

April 12, 2016

The publishing world is flooded with books on leadership ranging from the most basic to the most complex explanations and insights on leadership. Occasionally a book is published that is so down to earth, theologically informed and ministry minded that it can be considered a true classic.LEADERSHIP AXIOMS: Powerful Leadership Proverbs by Bill Hybels is such a book. It is strategically organized in four divisions, Division and Strategy, Teamwork and Communication, Activity and Assessment and Personal Integrity with just over 75 studies consisting of a true story from Bill Hybels life and ministry, a transferable leadership principle carefully worded to make it easy to remember and a “links” section which connects similar themed studies together. I had to discipline myself to put the book down every two or three sections to deeply reflect and personally apply the ideas but the stories were so compelling and interesting it was easy to just continue to turn pages. In addition to using Willow Creek Community Church as a setting for ministry truth as in “Find The Critic’s Kernel of Truth” (p. 159) the book also draws on printed works and examples of others who can serve as a beginning of additional study as in the case of “Every Soldier Deserves Competent Command” (p.161). In this chapter the story is told of General Fred Ford who’s story is told by Tom Clancy in the book INTO THE STORM: A Study In Command. I can not conceive of a leaders in any context whose leadership will not be deeper and more focused after reading this book. It is worth reading, recommending and most of all reflectively applying. the people you lead will thank you!

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