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Balanced Christianity

May 22, 2016

Very infrequently do I utilize words like, Mature, Reflective, Nuanced, Sage, Wisdom filled, Theologically  brilliant in short balanced but all of these words describe BALANCED CHRISTIANITY by John Stott (IVP, 2014) 0r (Christianaudio,2013http://edition) Most books I have experienced calling for balance in the Christian life are full of admonishments to seek the elusive balance between truths. John Stott recognizing the almost innate tendency  of Christians to polarize urges balance consisting of regular osculation from side to side so that believers can be Biblical faithful to its paradoxes at the same time. Issues like intellect and emotion, evangelism and social action, freedom and responsibilities are addressed with practical examples, quotes, Biblical passages and illustrations from history. This primary content would be more than worth the price of the book but also included is a wonderful extended interview with John Stott with some very pointed questions about issues related to American and English Evangelicals. There is a wonderful Anglican flavor that enhances   the discussion and moves them from my traditional vantage point to where I could think about them without my defense mechanisms automatically kicking in! This is a great book that should be read by any one interested in theology in general and the prospering of Evangelicalism in particular!

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