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A Comprehensive Philosophy of Small Groups

June 8, 2016

For over a decade North Point Resources has provided ministry ideas and solutions for the busy church pastor. In the book CREATING COMMUNITY: 5 Keys to Building A Small Group Culture by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits (Multnomah Books, 2004)  continues as a valuable contribution to this useful series. This volume describes the small group ministry of North Point Community Church in Atlanta. It chronicles the development of the small group ministry philosophy and practice over the decades with an emphasis on transferable lessons church seeking to problem solve for their existing ministry or looking to start a fresh ministry in this area. The book is designed to be read and discussed with a community of ministry with leaders with each chapter ending with “Create Your Community” reflection,, discussion and application questions. The book is straightforward in its presentation with both Scripture ans solid quotations as well as wordsmithed  easy to remember phrases for communicating difficult concepts. I have read many resources on small groups but have never come across as significant a discussion on the process of getting people involved from pew to group as in this volume. It centers on a program called “GROUPLINK” and two full chapters (11 & 12 ) deal with this concept. Also included are a number of helpful tools in the appendix section including job descriptions policies and forms. This is a great introduction or trouble shooting guide for any church interested in small group ministry and the impact it can have on a congregation.

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