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Maturity Speaks

June 22, 2016

Years ago John Stott rector at All Souls Church in London England was invited to present a series of lectures to young leaders in Latin America, During his life time the brilliant content was “lost” but after his death transcripts of the lectures delivered during the height of his powers were found and published in the remarkable volume and audio book PROBLEMS OF CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP (John Stott, IVP(Christianaudio) 2013) The lectures focused on themes of Paul [resented in the pastoral epistles and focus on discouragement, self-discipline, relationships and the issue of leading while young. Using all the tools at his disposal including extensive Biblical Greek exegesis, personal stories, illustrations from history and  from Scripture Stott presents a mature compelling reflection on leadership issues for the young and those older who like myself always need realignment to make sure my leadership compass remains set at the “true north” of Christ through out all the distractions of life and ministry. In addition to the main content the audio version includes two reflections on lessons from John’s life from two of his former study assistance. The one focused on John Stott’s greatest sermon was worth the price of the cds and was at once heart warming, challenging and inspiring. The second reflection containing the phrase “I’m not worthy” has continued to be in my thoughts and reflections days after hearing it. These are leadership principles presented to be lived and presented to Christ as a gift of worship. There are many good leadership books out there but few that come close to this level of theological, Biblical and  ministry maturity. You will not be sorry you invest time and reflection in this book!

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