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Making A Difference

August 4, 2016

In preparation for attending  the Global Leadership Summit next week I picked up a copy of THE DIFFERENCE MAKER by John C. Maxwell (2006, Thomas Nelson) subtitled: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset. The was vintage Maxwell with great stories and illustrations in a user friendly easy to follow format. The first four chapters which explored the concept of “attitude” were solid with headings like, Where did you get your attitude, What your attitude can and can’t do for you, and How to make your attitude your greatest asset but what really set the book apart was section two titled The Five Attitude Obstacles. Dr. Maxwell begins with the issue of discouragement then moves to change, problems, fear, and failure. All of these sections are excellent but of special note is the section on fear. In 26 pages (p.121-146) the destructive effects of fear are explored as is the fear cycle I have seen so commonly in my work with students and their parents. The chapter then answers the elephant in the room “So how can a person handle fear instead of getting handled by it?”(p.133) The answers and the concluding reflective exercise are worth the price of the book based on the impact they had on refining mt thinking as I read, pondered and applied these principles in my own life this summer.If you are a long time reader and fan of John Maxwell this book makes a great addition to that portion of your library if you have not discovered his writings use this book as an entry point into a literary friendship with this leadership expert who’s years of wisdom and insight can properly you forward in life, leadership and ministry.

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