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Don’t Do This

January 1, 2017

Everyone who is involved in ministry of any kind has had their share of mistakes, errors and just plain mental lapses. It is nice to know one is not alone in this fraternity of failure and even better to learn from the mistakes of others. This brings us to the wonderful youth ministry book, DON’T DO THIS: Learning From The Screw-ups of Youth Ministry Leaders edited by Len Kageler and Jonathan Hobbs (The Youth Cartel, 2016). In this hilarious and thoroughly uplifting book youth leaders ranging from the famous to the anonymous share personal ministry stories to allow others to learn from their mishandling of relational and ministry situations. the 200 page book is divided into 5 sections; Failure in the Fundamentals, Failure with Youth, Failures with Parents and Volunteers, Failure with Church Leadership and my personal favorite Failures that Defy Categorization. Each section has about 10 stories told in the fist person along with sidebars  and a closing reflections portion that include Questions for Reflections or Discussion and Major Project Ideas For The Classroom. This makes the book not only a wonderful book for individual reading and personal laughter but also a excellent classroom, network, or internship resource. I love the idea of teaching the next generation of youth ministry leaders utilizing our failures and not just our successes which seems to be a natural proclivity. I found this book so personally helpful and encouraging that I am adding into the required reading in one of the CCU youth ministry classes next academic year. If you pick up a copy and read it you won’t be disappointed!

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