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Moving beyond The Status Quo….

January 19, 2017

I admit from the outset that I am not a great fan of catchy titles especially ones that mimic a best seller so the book GOOD TO GREAT IN GODS EYES: Ten Practices Great Christians Have In Common by Chip Ingram (Baker Books, 2007) sat in my “to be read pile of volumes for months before I began to read it. Having loved GOOD TO GREAT by Jim Collins I was not full of high expectations for  a book riding its title’s coat tails. But after reading the volume from cover to cover I was very pleasantly surprised and I am delighted to have been wrong about the value of this book.

The opening words of chapter one set the stage, “Life consists of what a man is thinking about all day” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Each of the 10 chapters begin with a series of quotes and then continues to some general thoughts and personal reflections from the authors life and ministry. This is intern followed by a clear concise list of principles related to the topic. The chapter concludes with specific Action Steps and Questions for Reflection and Discussion. The 10 chapter headings include:

  1. Think Great Thoughts                                        6. Take Great Risks
  2. Read Great Books                                                 7. Make Great Sacrifices
  3. Pursue Great People                                            8. Enjoy Great Moments
  4. Dream Great Dreams                                          9. Empower Great People
  5. Pray Great Prayers                                              10. Develop Great Habits

The reality is these are not the finest paragraphs ever written on Thinking, Books, Prayer and Risk Taking but the chapters are uniformly well written, easy to understand, short enough to easily read but long enough to inform and motive growth in behavior. It is the breadth of the topics covered as well as the interesting writing style that give the book is value.

I teach a class of incoming university freshmen every fall. I plan to make this book a part of the curriculum in the semesters to come. I can’t think of a single volume that covers all these diverse but important topics in a unified and applicable way. If you are looking for a solid overview of steps to spiritual and personal growth this book would serve you well!


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