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Better Than A Personal Life Coach

February 18, 2017

As an admitted fan of Patrick Lencioni I was delighted to find a book authored by him that I had not yet read.I entered into the book with very high expectations THE FIVE TEMPTATIONS OF A CEO (Jossey-Bass, 1998)  did not disappoint. The first 100 pages  of the book is set up as a business fable featuring Andrew a frustrated under-performing  CEO the evening before a board meeting that he is apprehensive about. On his way home late at night he meets Andrew on the Public Transport Train and the discussion quickly turn to the 5 biggest mistakes CEO’s as a group seem to be drawn towards. For those not excited about “fables or parables” to teach the lessons A summary model of why executives fail  begins on page 111 and includes diagrams (p. 119) and self assessment questions (p.123).

As helpful as the general identified temptations are for example  #1 Choose Results Over Status it is the unpacking of the principle in the fable that had the most impact on me personally by way of application. I am not a CEO but the ideas presented are a part of my life and the chapter caused much good reflection and personal questioning. This was a great book that I recommend to anyone who wants to be informed or reminded of how the big principles of life and career work. It will be a great addition to your library and work categories now and in the future.

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