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Understanding and Leading Change

March 10, 2017

John Kotter is perhaps the worlds leading authority on understanding organizational and by extension ministry change. His position as long time professor at Harvard Business School and author of best selling book LEADING CHANGE have given him a perspective on observing the growing body of literature and research on how to lead change.

In the book THE ICE BERG IS MELTING (St. Martins Press, 2005) Dr. Kotter and co author Holger Rathgeber take the 8 principles of LEADING CHANGE and weave them into a fable in the same vein of THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER featuring a colony of Imperial penguins living in Antarctica who speak and act a lot like the people we are trying to lead in changing times. The fable is cute and makes important ideas accessible to all ages and educational backgrounds. The slightly off beat story of Fred, Alice, Louis and NoNo is easy to remember and provides a common vocabulary for discussing complex ideas. For those not constantly enamored with cute stories the book also includes a section on pages 130-134 thee eight step process of leading successful change and understanding the roles of both “thinking and feeling” in the process.

The goal of the book is not to “dumb down” these original concepts but place them in a story to ta[ into the power of narrative to influence behavior throughout an entire organization with a smile on their face. Having read Dr. Kotter’s other works I wish I had discovered this book before, it would have been a great additional tool for leading ministry change. Get and read a copy of this book it will help you communicate growth and change as you lead into the future.

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