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The Snakebite Letters

March 18, 2017

As a great fan of C.S. Lewis and especially The Screwtape Letters it was a joy to find East Coast philosopher and C.S. Lewis expert Peter Kreeft had taken pen in hand and written additional insights from “the tempters training school”. The book THE SNAKEBITE LETTERS by Peter Kreeft (1993, Ignatius Press) contains 14 letters dealing with such diabolical topics as “How To Sabotage Worship” and “How To Shoot Chastity In The Head”. In addition the book closes with a chapter akin to “Screwtape Proposes A Toast” titled “Rethinking 199-: A revisionist View. The book is full of insights and brilliant satire. It reads like letters written in the 1990’s rather than during World War 2 so a modern audience can relate completely to the contemporary issues discussed as context for the acts of temptation. One major difference between Kreeft and Lewis is a focus on the challenges of Roman Catholic Higher Education which Kreeft dedicates 4 chapters and Lewis doesn’t mention. Lewis and his focus on “Mere Christianity” and those doctrines and  temptations common to all followers of Christ is missing a bit as Snakebite the Demon is intentionally vocal about his anti-catholic convictions. Even with this being true the book is full of “revelations of demonic strategy”for the culture, public and private morality and even basic Theology that had me constantly nodding my head in complete agreement and wondering why I had never articulated it with that level of clarity before. I recommend reading and reflecting on this helpful book of social/ecclesiastical criticism for the spiritual insights you will gain on temptation, The broader understanding of Roman Catholic similarities and differences with Protestant thought as well as put a smile on your face.

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