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Creating Colleagues From Competitors

May 15, 2017

As a great fan of Patrick Lencioni books on management, meetings, team building, and the 5 temptations of a CEO I was delighted to find the volume SILOS, POLITICS and TURF WARS by Patrick Lencioni (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Utilizing the familiar pattern of starting with a made-up but realistic fable this time about “Jude Cousins” who leaves his employment to begin a consulting business called Cousins Consulting. The fable dissect the process of  helping different types of companies and the specific politics, silos and turf wars inherent with each of the organizations.. Following the fables is a section titled THE THEORY which included specific chapters on the key issues, followed by the the model and its components and concludes with a variety of case studies. The key ideas center around 4 key ideas:

  1. A Thematic Goal
  2. A Set of Defining Objectives
  3. A Set of Ongoing Operating Objectives
  4.  Metrics

As always the story is interesting the concepts well explained and the case studies clearly illustrative of the principles at work in a variety of organizational specific contexts, This is a powerful book that can make one a more valuable employee and a better manager and leader of people. The issues in the book are real as are the solutions in this excellent book!

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